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Sprinkler Maintenance Tips for the Fall Season

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Sprinkler maintenance is key to keeping your system in best shape so your lawn is healthy and beautiful all year round. As the fall season approaches, proper sprinkler maintenance is necessary. There is high demand for your irrigation system in the summer so it is possible that your system has been working overtime. Getting it checked and cared for can make sure your sprinkler system will be ready for autumn. Additionally, it is a good time to start thinking about winter preparation for your irrigation system.

The following are useful sprinkler maintenance tips for autumn.

1. Check for leaks.

Leaks in your sprinkler system can result from broken pipes or worn-out parts. If your sprinkler system leaks, it can cause problems, such as water waste, flooding, and mold growth. To prevent these issues, check your sprinklers for any signs of leakage. The best way to do this is by checking for puddles on the ground around your property. You may also look at your sprinkler heads for any signs of leaking. If you notice any leaks, you should get immediate sprinkler repair to avoid further problems.

2. Clean the sprinkler head.

Clean your sprinkler head regularly to ensure no dirt particles are stuck inside. Dirty sprinkler heads can lead to clogged-up lines. It’s recommended to clean your sprinkler head before the fall season starts. This should include cleaning off the nozzle and removing debris from the sprinkler head. In addition, make sure to flush your sprinkler head with fresh water before using it again.

3. Adjust your sprinkler systems for autumn (and then for winter) accordingly.

The transition from summer to fall may require adjustments to your sprinkler system. North Carolina fall brings cooler temperatures, so you must adjust your sprinkler system settings appropriately to avoid overwatering, and keep your grass green and lush. It’s recommended to reduce the time your sprinkler runs each day to keep up with the season’s changes.

4. Inspect your sprinkler system.

Full sprinkler inspection is necessary. Hire a professional who will make sure that every component of your sprinkler system is working properly. For example, if one of your sprinkler valves isn’t working correctly, you will have to replace it. Cracks and worn-out components will affect how well your sprinkler system works. Therefore, spotting these concerns before autumn begins is important.

5. Start planning to winterize your system.

Although the first few weeks of the fall season aren’t too cold, preparing your irrigation system for winter is proven indispensable. Lay out your plans to winterize your system as the cooler season approaches. In the middle or at the tailend of fall, perform winterization to protect the system from freezing and incurring any damages. A professional contractor will use the best tools to winterize your system to give you total peace of mind.

Sprinkler Repair in the Fall at Water Works Unlimited Inc.

At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we offer sprinkler installation, repair services, and annual maintenance for homes and businesses in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our experienced professionals are ready to assist you with your sprinkler needs. To know more about our services, you may contact us today at (919)-570-7808.

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