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Water Works Unlimited Inc has brought the best outdoor lighting & sprinklers services to homes and businesses across Raleigh, NC, for over 25 years. And even after all this time, we’ve held onto our love for the industry and community we serve. Our sprinkler system services save money, protects your property, and provide long-term benefits.

Water Conservation Through Efficient Irrigation Since 1996

Our Complete Outdoor Lighting & Lawn Sprinkler Services

Water Works Unlimited Inc is a lawn sprinkler system contractor and Service provider. We provide the highest quality Irrigation & sprinklers services. Our sprinkler system company provides sprinkler systems and lawn care services since 1996 in Raleigh, NC


Sprinkler installation is essential to keeping a lush, healthily growing lawn. Water Works Unlimited Inc will expertly install a brand-new sprinkler system on your property accurately enough to cover every grass blade.

Also, we’ll install the highest-quality sprinkler installation available. Your lawn deserves the best lawn care services, and our sprinkler & outdoor lighting company provides it for customer-friendly costs.
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As high-quality and durable as our sprinkler services are, they aren’t immune to breakages. Rather than leaving your lawn out to dry in the Raleigh, NC sun, call Water Works Unlimited for quick, reliable sprinkler repairs.

Our team will fix your sprinkler’s existing issues and perform preventative maintenance so that the sprinkler problems don’t return in the immediate future.
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Drip irrigation is a modern way to hydrate your small gardens and flower beds while saving. Drip irrigation system uses tubes with tiny holes to drip water slowly near the plants’ root systems rather than spraying gallons of water that miss the roots like some lower-quality sprinklers.

Water Works Unlimited Inc offers the best drip irrigation system in Raleigh, NC, and will install a modern dripping irrigation system in your home or business today.
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Testing &

Anyone with an irrigation system has likely dealt with backflow (the invasion of contaminated water into your home’s drinking water).

If you’re experiencing a backflow issue & need to backflow test, you can call us for professional & definitive quality water backflow testing.

We’ll even install a backflow preventer installation device to ensure your drinking water stays clean if there is an issue.
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The shift from winter to spring temperatures can overwhelm your lawn and overwork your irrigation systems as they work overtime to hydrate your grass.

A spring irrigation startup from Water Works Unlimited Inc will ensure your sprinkler systems are up for the task. We'll upgrade your irrigation systems and perform maintenance to handle the extra workload with ease through our sprinkler service.
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Like spring, the cold winter weather in Raleigh, NC, presents unique lawn & sprinkler system challenges. Our sprinkler winterization services will prevent any difficulty by ensuring your sprinkler system doesn’t freeze over and your pipes don’t have any hidden leaks.

Water Works Unlimited Inc is a local sprinkler winterization company in Raleigh that can provide the best lawn sprinkler winterization services with 25 years of experience.
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Annual sprinkler maintenance will keep your sprinkler systems running smoothly for years, keeping your yard in picture-perfect condition. Our team knows how to look for and fix all lingering sprinkler issues through our lawn maintenance services so that your irrigation stays strong.
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Quality landscape lighting is the most effective way to give your outdoor spaces a splash of beauty and excitement with our installing outdoor lighting services, you will get full of a professional touch. You won’t find a better landscape lighting contractor than you will at Water Works Unlimited Inc.

we are giving outdoor light installation and sprinkler services since 1996. This is our family-owned business.
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Why Water Works Unlimited Inc Is the Best Lawn Sprinkler System Contractor in Raleigh

There are lots of reasons to choose sprinkler services from Water Works Unlimited Inc. Best one is maintaining the quality & professionalism of our landscape services.

In Raleigh, we are the best lawn sprinkler system contractor. We know exactly what it takes to repair, install, and maintain your sprinkler system.

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Experienced Irrigation and Lighting Pros

Our team has well over two decades of experience serving Raleigh, NC residents. We have the skills and expertise necessary to make our customers’ visions of a healthily-growing lawn come to life.

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Competitive and Transparent Pricing

We’ll never overwhelm our clients with unexpected fees or higher-than-necessary pricing on our services. Instead, we keep our costs transparent and competitive, so you’ll know upfront that you’re getting something worthwhile from our team.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our sprinkler services and outdoor landscape lighting fixtures are of top-shelf quality. We guarantee you won’t find better affordable sprinklers system or installation services than you will with Water Works Unlimited Inc.

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Always Friendly Service

We love serving the Raleigh, NC, community with our sprinkler services. When you work with our irrigation sprinkler and outdoor lighting company, we’ll treat you and your lawn to friendly, passionate irrigation services you won’t find anywhere else.

Family Owned & Operated

At Water Works Unlimited Inc, we pride ourselves on the quality of our sprinkler services, professionalism, & excellent customer service. Family-owned and serving the Raleigh, NC area since 1996.

Modern Lawn Sprinkler Service and Repair

We seek to continually improve our sprinkler service for customers by using new techniques, and modern equipment and developing and providing unique offerings.

Water Works Unlimited Inc

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All it takes to build the lawn of your dreams is a high-quality irrigation system, some new LED landscape lights, and an experienced team to install those fixtures so that they’re at their best.

So, call Water Works Unlimited Inc today if you’re ready to build a healthy yard. Our irrigation and outdoor lighting company has the best sprinklers services and landscape lighting products in Raleigh, NC, and will use them to give your property the lush lawn you’ve always wanted.

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We provide sprinkler systems and outdoor lighting services to the Greater Raleigh, NC Area.

When you call our sprinkler irrigation and outdoor lighting company, we’ll treat you to world-class, customer-focused service you won’t find anywhere else. Our experienced, expertly-trained team brings the reliable, thorough sprinkler installation, repair, and upgrade your Raleigh, NC property deserves at competitive rates and no hidden fees.

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