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A beautiful outdoor space can lift the mood around your property. Coming back to a green and well-lit lawn makes your home feel warmer. Such well-kept outdoor spaces elevate your property’s curb appeal. However, these results only come with meticulous planning and implementation.

Water Works Unlimited Inc. is an irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Durham, NC, for property owners looking to transform the look and feel of their outdoor space. We have over two decades of experience providing 100% satisfaction to customers with diverse irrigation and lighting needs.

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The Top Irrigation Company in Durham, North Carolina

Regular watering is essential for the health of your lawn vegetation. An effective irrigation system keeps the soil around your outdoor space conducive to plants and lawn grass. At Water Works Unlimited, Inc., we provide a wide range of irrigation related services, including the following:

Sprinkler Installation

We offer a budget-friendly and reliable sprinkler installation service designed to accommodate the unique needs of your lawn. Our sprinklers will work all year round, and you don’t have to worry about excessive water runoff.

Sprinkler Repair

Have you found a leak or a broken sprinkler head? Our sprinkler repair experts have seen of the various forms sprinkler-related damage can take, from underground damage to timer control problems. We offer quick and efficient repairs for all types of sprinkler systems.

Drip Irrigation

Using our drip irrigation service, you can maintain a steady supply of water and nutrients to a specific part of your garden. This type of irrigation supplies water to your plants at ground level or below, increasing the efficiency of the irrigation process.

Backflow Testing/Installation

Backflow refers to a scenario where water flows back into the irrigation system—carrying contamination—instead of flowing out. We provide backflow testing reports to give you a clear picture of your water sources. We also install and repair backflow prevention devices.

Spring Startups

Early spring is the right time to turn on your lawn sprinkler system. However, due to the harsh effects of freezing temperatures on your irrigation system, you have to do more than set the timer and open the main water valve. At Water Works Unlimited, Inc., we follow a systematic spring-startup process to ensure that everything works correctly.


At Water Works Unlimited, Inc., we help property owners winterize their irrigation system every fall. The process involves shutting off the system and removing every drop of water from the system. The system is ready for the winter weather only when all water has exited your sprinkler heads.

Annual Maintenance

You need annual maintenance for your sprinkler or drip irrigation system. Our annual maintenance services ensure the system is in optimum condition to keep your landscape looking healthy and attractive. It will also keep your watering costs down, prevent backflow, and more.

Personalized Outdoor Lighting Services in Durham, North Carolina

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Outdoor lighting has evolved over the years from focusing solely on visibility and security. Today, outdoor lighting projects incorporate aesthetics. As a leading irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Durham, NC, we offer professional outdoor lighting design and installation services you can trust. We take the unique needs of your outdoor space into the equation on every project. Our outdoor lighting service includes:

Architectural Lighting

Our architectural lighting service accentuates the attractive elements of your property’s architecture. Our design process starts with a thorough assessment of your property, and we always choose the best possible low-voltage systems to achieve picturesque results.

Landscape Lighting

Our landscape lighting service at Water Works Unlimited Inc. adds a layer of security and beauty to your property. Our highly experienced landscape lighting technicians can handle lighting design and installation for all kinds of landscapes. Your property will continue to glow even as the sun goes down.

Decks & Patios Lighting

Do you want a lighting setup for practical use (such as cooking or reading) while out on your deck or patio? Do you want lighting for aesthetic purposes? Our decks and patios lighting service can meet your needs—whether you have specific preferences or are looking for a little bit of everything.

Pathway Lighting

Do you want to accentuate or highlight specific aspects of your home? Do you want to light up the path for your guests? We can help. Pathway lighting is an excellent way to add more style to your outdoor yard and make it safer. We install in-ground and above-ground pathway lighting for all types of properties.

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Get Customized Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting Services in Durham, North Carolina

Your outdoor living space offers you the perfect opportunity to bring nature to your doorstep. You can create a unique outdoor space for your property with our irrigation and outdoor lighting services.

Our irrigation service gives you a lush green lawn, garden, or backyard. Our outdoor lighting service ensures you can accentuate your outdoor space’s unique look and feel even in low-light conditions. Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience from over two decades of service to your yard.

Our work contributes to the look and feel of the community. Therefore, we strive to keep gardens and lawns across the Durham area looking healthy and bright. We are proud of what we do, and we promise 100% satisfaction on every project.

Choosing Water Works Unlimited, Inc., for your irrigation and outdoor lighting project is working with a company serious about maintaining a stellar reputation. Many of our clients come through referrals, and we never disappoint the referred or the referrer.

We are punctual and honest contractors who will keep you updated at every stage of the process. We also offer transparent pricing and some of the most competitive rates in the area.

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