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Exquisite Architectural Lighting in Raleigh, NC

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After sunset, homeowners rely on outdoor lighting to emphasize the structural elements of their homes. An architectural lighting system provides illumination that showcases the beauty of your home.

Architectural lighting must have an intelligent design to avoid obstructing the property’s features. Water Works Unlimited provides well-designed outdoor lighting solutions to showcase your home’s architectural shapes.

Advantages of Architectural Lighting

The exterior presentation of your home is essential for making a vivid first impression. Beautiful architectural lights add a touch of style and finesse to your home. Once the lights are on, they create a welcoming atmosphere.

Increase Appeal

Architectural lighting is extremely popular due to its aesthetic appeal. Outdoor light fixtures cast a pure, brilliant light closer to that of daylight than any other form of lighting. LED lights have a high color rendering index, so your property’s colors appear more natural.


In daylight, people can easily see the landscaping that makes your home unique. An architectural lighting system will enable you to display your landscaping at night. Low-voltage lights are energy-efficient and do not require much power.


It is essential to have proper architectural lighting at night so that your guests and family members can walk around safely. Outdoor wall lights can help make entrances and driveways more visible, while step lights illuminate stairs and walkways.


Architectural lighting can protect your home while you are away. Motion sensors and automatic lighting can scare away intruders.

Common Architectural Lighting Problems

There are many problems incorrectly installed architectural lighting can cause.


Unwanted glare is a common architectural lighting problem. Typically, glare occurs when light and dark contrast too much. This light can blind the people outside and cause discomfort to their eyes.

Light Levels

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recommends that architectural lighting installations meet certain light levels. Ideally, outdoor lighting should range between 20 and 30 lux. These classifications are in place to reduce light pollution.

Light Trespass

Excessive light that trespasses over a property line can invade your neighbor’s privacy. In other cases, poorly installed outdoor lights can shine unwanted light inside your home.

Architectural Lighting: Our System

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Water Works Unlimited’s philosophy is that design comes first, which sets us apart from our competitors. Our passion is to create beautiful architectural lighting. We understand your need to build an outdoor lighting environment that you will love.

The simplest way to brighten the outside of your home is by choosing the proper outdoor lighting. After a comprehensive lighting assessment, we will provide you with a quote and show you where the fixtures will work best. The information we present will give you a sense of our expertise and enthusiasm for architectural lighting.

What to Expect from Us


Our company has over 25 years of experience in the irrigation and outdoor lighting industry. This experience should give you the confidence that your home’s lighting is in good hands.

Great Customer Service

Our goal is to meet the requirements of every customer, no matter how big or small. We strive to complete the work precisely as you envisioned.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our team handles top-level architectural lighting in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding areas. Since opening our doors in 1996, we have developed a reputation for producing outstanding lighting solutions.

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Architectural Lighting FAQs

Besides enhancing a home’s appearance, architectural lighting affects the spatial experience that can impact a person’s mood, feelings, and outlook.

A combination of landscape and architectural lighting is the most suitable way to light the outside of a building. Lighting options include waterproof or wet-rated lights, LED light bulbs, spotlights, and yellow bulbs that drive away bugs.

Architectural lighting can accentuate your existing landscape, including pillars, statues, and other elements.

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