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Rolesville, North Carolina, is Raleigh’s premier suburb. At just a 30-minute drive from downtown Raleigh, Rolesville gets the best of both worlds. One can either enjoy the cozy small-town life or dip their toes into the big city culture whenever they want.

Rolesville takes great pride in its exciting attractions, such as the Fantasy Lake Scuba Park; delightful festivals, such as the Rolesville BBQ; and locally-owned restaurants, such as Off the Hook Seafood. However, appreciating our town goes beyond enjoying beloved local activities.

Building a relationship with an exemplary irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Rolesville, NC, will allow you to enjoy your property while enhancing the charm of Rolesville. Keeping your yard groomed means you care about preserving your neighborhood.

At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we understand the importance of getting to know our customers. After all, a small town wouldn’t have the same appeal if you didn’t know all your neighbors. We provide excellent customer service and build relationships that extend beyond our work.

Our company provides installation and design services to prepare your lawn for every season. Whether you need to install/repair an irrigation system or improve your outdoor lighting, Water Works Unlimited can help

Irrigation and sprinkler systems improve the appearance of your property by providing flowers and plants with a specific watering schedule. You can also declutter your lawn by replacing bulky hoses with sleek sprinklers.

Customized outdoor lighting is highly beneficial to homeowners, as it can increase home security and embellish your house and landscaping. With outdoor lighting, you can host, barbecue, or relax outside no matter what time it is.

Check out Water Works Unlimited’s specialized landscape lighting and irrigation services below.

Irrigation Installation by Friendly Specialists in Rolesville, North Carolina

We provide irrigation system installation and maintenance all year long. Our team is available throughout every season to install, check, winterize, and improve your sprinklers so they can continue providing your garden with water as needed.

Sprinkler Installation

We adapt our sprinkler systems to the unique needs of every yard we treat. Our customized sprinklers come with a programmable controller so you can adjust settings to suit your property and routine.

Sprinkler Repair

Even sprinklers wear out and need periodic repairs. To prevent wasted energy or water, we treat sunken heads, worn-out valves, cracked pipes, and faulty wiring.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems work to water grass, vegetables, and flowers by providing a slow and steady flow under the soil. Plants soak up water through their roots, meaning that you will save money by preventing the water from evaporating off your plants’ leaves.

Backflow Testing/Installation

If undrinkable water has flooded your home's plumbing system, you have a backflow problem. We not only install sprinkler systems that prevent backflow, but we can also test your water to see if you need a new irrigation system.

Spring Startups

We provide spring startups to ensure that your sprinkler systems function correctly after lying dormant during the colder months. Spring startups include checking for leaks, repairing minor issues, testing for backflow, establishing a watering schedule, and more.


Though Rolesville experiences moderate winters, sometimes temperatures can dip below freezing. So, we winterize pre-existing irrigation systems to ensure that no malfunctions occur during the winter.

Annual Maintenance

During annual maintenance, we make sure that your irrigation system runs properly so it can evenly water your garden and lawn. We check for water and energy efficiency, as well as necessary repairs.

Spectacular Outdoor Lighting Design in Rolesville, NC

small pathway lit up at night

Our irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Rolesville knows how enjoyable it is to host friends outside during North Carolina’s warmer months. Thus, we design and build beautiful landscape lighting throughout your yard so you can enjoy the benefits of outdoor illumination.

Architectural Lighting

When installing architectural lighting, Water Works Unlimited places fixtures to accent the most beautiful parts of your home. These lights increase property value and add a touch of elegance.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting deters burglars while accentuating the most attractive features of your landscaping at night. We can provide any color scheme, size, etc., that you desire.

Decks & Patios Lighting

If you own a pet who constantly wants to go outside, you likely understand how vital deck and patio lighting is. Not only is it convenient for dog-lovers, but deck and patio illumination gives anyone the freedom to enjoy their outdoor space at any time of day.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting provides a clear view of getting to your front door at night. It can also deter break-ins while you're at home or on vacation by eliminating hiding spots in your yard for criminals to use.

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Residents of Rolesville, NC, love to participate in community events. Between our community movie nights in the late summer and Fall Funfest in the autumn, there’s nothing like enjoying the company of our neighbors and friends. In Rolesville, socializing is a way of life.

Installing features such as an irrigation or outdoor lighting system will allow you to continue the fun after Rolesville’s festivals end. You can have your friends over without feeling embarrassed about your lawn. You can even invite them for a late-night chat on your porch with a stellar lighting system.

Ready to install an irrigation or landscape lighting system? Contact Water Works Unlimited Inc. We have almost thirty years of experience performing landscape improvement jobs throughout the region of Raleigh.

Since our founding in 1996, we have dedicated countless hours to perfecting our installation and repair methods. Our 10 team members are experts in lighting and irrigation, meaning that they can efficiently complete any job you require.

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