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Start Your Lawn Off Right With Spring Startups in Raleigh, NC

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By the time the warmer sunshine melts away winter, most of us are so ready for the change that we jump right into spring startups without checking the details. Do you have big plans for the garden and lawn this year? You may want to consider an affordable irrigation services like Water Works Unlimited, Inc. to bring your irrigation system out of hibernation the right way.

What is a Spring Startup?

This exciting irrigation and sprinkler system service comes from the professionals at Water Works Unlimited, Inc. Our affordable spring startup session will:

evaluate your entire irrigation system for sprinkler functionality,

check water efficiency, and

assess safety aspects according to official standards.

The Spring Startup Package and Process

How does the process work? At Water Works Unlimited, Inc., our spring startup package for Raleigh properties includes:

Re-introduction of water

Backflow testing for water safety

Operation testing

Reprogramming auto function and more

Did you know that it is essential to re-introduce low amounts of water slowly back into the irrigation and sprinkler systems? Too much water too fast builds pressure that can burst pipes. However, once the water runs smoothly, there are still necessary checks to conduct, like backflow testing.

Spring increases outdoor water usage considerably, and our service checks all the boxes your property will need for yearly testing, including a safe drinking water supply. We test running water and backflow channels and move to the functional side of the irrigation and sprinkler systems. Does water flow evenly, spray properly, operate efficiently, and cover the right surface area?

Winter’s rain, mud, snow, sleet, debris, and freezing temperatures damage the structural integrity of your property’s water system, which is why we recommend identifying issues early through our spring startups. It is far easier and more cost-effective to repair or replace minor issues just before spring preparations kick in, rather than a full reinstallation later.

The Benefits of a North Carolina Spring Startup

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Are the benefits of spring startup services like Water Works Unlimited, Inc. worth it? Absolutely. The first benefit is access to one excellent package that covers everything you will need for the year without breaking the bank.

Early repairs also decrease the risk of costly losses. Why plant seeds that won’t grow or tend to lawns that take forever to turn green when a seamless transition is so much more rewarding? A spring startup might just be the secret to:

systems that run efficiently,

safe water and irrigation setups,

healthy agricultural production of crops,

gorgeous gardens, and

more attractive Raleigh properties.

Our professionals can also digitally program components to operate independently for convenient ways to take care of your property’s landscaping and lawn for the season ahead.

A Word About Common Springtime Problems

Following a long winter, common problems that irrigation and sprinkler systems experience include:


Damaged sprinkler heads

Inefficient water to land flow

Contamination from wastewater

Leaks that waste water and more

Thankfully, services like Water Works Unlimited, Inc. make it easy to address these issues. We fix problems early rather than letting you find endless issues as you begin the springtime work of planting, seeding grass, and other activities.

Get your lawn ready for warmer weather with a professional spring startup! Call Water Works Unlimited Inc. at (919) 570-7808 to get started!

Work With the Irrigation Experts at Water Works Unlimited, Inc.

The Water Works Unlimited, Inc. team shares the excitement behind springtime preparation in Raleigh, and we support you with efficient sprinkler and irrigation systems that play an integral role in this process. That’s why we complete government-regulated testing and thoroughly inspect your system.

We also make necessary repairs and upgrades through spring startups and other services, including:

Filter and valve checks

Inspecting heads and nozzles

Checking for leaks and coverage

Minor repairs

Installing pump and suction lines

Pressurizing the line

Backflow testing and more

Be sure to ask us more about how we can make your springtime preparations that much easier.

Sprinkler Startup Frequently Asked Questions

Spring startup services like ours are an excellent way to begin, and they are affordable. The professionals at Water Works Unlimited, Inc. ensure open water lines and perfect systems year-round.

A sprinkler startup service is part of our complete package—we open the sprinkler system lines, check for damages incurred over the winter, and fix any issues we find.

Get ready to enjoy the warmer weather in Raleigh—schedule spring startups or other services with Water Works Unlimited, Inc. at 919-570-7808 today.

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