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Many people depend on rainwater to keep the vegetation around their outdoor space green, dragging out the water hose in droughts. However, this is a labor-intensive process with some downsides.

Manual watering can lead to waste through evaporation, overwatering, or underwatering. Plants repeatedly exposed to underwatering will develop shallow roots, increasing the risk of dry-out.

Similarly, your outdoor lighting requires careful planning beyond installing a few light fixtures around the doorway. Water Works Unlimited Inc. is an irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Chapel Hill, NC, providing customized irrigation and lighting services for property owners in the area.

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Professional Irrigation Service in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

An efficient irrigation system is vital if you want to provide your landscape with a sufficient supply of water  year-round. A poorly-performing system may be as bad as manual watering or worse. We offer several irrigation services to keep your outdoor space looking its best  year-round. They include the following:

Sprinkler Installation

The installation process goes beyond digging a few holes and installing some sprinkler heads. At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we meticulously plan the installation process from concept to actualization. We adhere to all planning regulations and avoid damage to utilities. Most importantly, we’ll give you a sprinkler system you can rely on for a long time.

Sprinkler Repair

A damaged sprinkler systems may keep some parts of the lawn or garden dry, leading to dry outs. It may also inflate your water bill. Our sprinkler repair service can correct any problems with your system. We can find most parts due to our expertise and extensive industry connections.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems conserve water and help keep specific root zones evenly moist at all times. Since drip irrigation doesn’t affect leaves and petals, it’s the perfect irrigation approach if you have delicate plants and flowers in your garden. Our drip irrigation service will deliver exact precipitation in identified zones.

Backflow Testing/Installation

Your sprinkler spraying sewage water can ruin the curb appeal of your property and introduce unwanted organisms into your home’s ecosystem. If you don’t have an effective backflow prevention device installed in your home yet, that’s a likely scenario. At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we provide backflow testing and installation services to keep your water sources clean.

Spring Startups

The freezing temperatures of the winter months affect parts of your home differently. Your irrigation system isn't left out. Our spring startup service checks every aspect of your sprinkler system to ensure optimum function. We work in zones, checking the risers, heads, valve box wirings, poly-sprinkler pipe (main and secondary), etc.


You can prevent damage to your irrigation system in the winter months with adequate winterization. The focus of our winterization process is to remove all traces of water in your irrigation system. It’s harder for the system to freeze without water in the hollow parts.

Annual Maintenance

Our annual maintenance service keeps your irrigation system working optimally year-round. We watch for obvious signs of malfunction, carry out repairs, and recommend replacements where necessary. Ignoring a malfunction can put your lawn vegetation at risk and push your water bills higher.

Comprehensive Outdoor Lighting Solutions in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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A carefully designed low-voltage outdoor lighting system is one of the best ways to transform your home’s curb appeal. Adequate lighting in your backyard can open a new world of relaxation you never envisioned, while front lawn lighting can make your home stand out in the neighborhood.

At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we love showing property owners the huge difference adequate lighting makes on any property. Some of our services include:

Architectural Lighting

Outdoor architectural lighting highlights the unique aspects of your property's design. From pillars to sculpture work, you can use lighting to keep the exciting elements visible in low-light conditions. Our architectural lighting service accentuates design elements while increasing safety around the property.

Landscape Lighting

Your lush green landscape shouldn’t look dull at night. Our professional landscape lighting service highlights your green lawn, high-value plants, water features, etc. We make sure your landscape looks every inch as charming at night as it does in the daytime—if not better!

Decks & Patios Lighting

Deck and patio lighting gives you a new relaxation spot within your property. A well-lit patio or deck is the perfect place to be on those cool summer evenings. Our expert technicians know how to choose the right type of lighting to make your patio or deck safer for your family while enhancing the property’s look.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting makes walking around your property at night safer and more pleasurable. Residents and visitors can see the way leading to the front door. You can also reduce the risk of damage to your plants. Our pathway lighting service is another way to make your home safer while enhancing its curb appeal.

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Get Value for Money on all Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting Projects in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Installing an irrigation system or a new outdoor lighting scheme is cost-intensive. You need to work with a highly reputable company with a clear understanding of your needs to get value for money. At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we are proud to be one of the leading irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Chapel Hill, NC.

We deliver 100% satisfaction due to our meticulous approach to projects and commitment to exceptional customer service. We start each new project with a thorough consultation session to understand your needs. Our experienced project managers will work with you to bring your ideas to life without overshooting your budget.

We keep you updated every step of the way, from the design stage to the completion of the project.

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