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Drip Irrigation Services in Raleigh, NC

Water Works Unlimited Inc is here to help with all your drip irrigation needs in the Raleigh area. We handle all lawn and landscape irrigation systems by providing our sprinkler services. So whether you need the best drip irrigation system designed & installed, or an overhaul of an existing system, we can help!

Drip Irrigation System Installation, Repair, and Maintenance in Raleigh, NC

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Drip irrigation in Raleigh, NC, provides a great way to keep your commercial or residential property looking great throughout the summer. Our team at Water Works Unlimited, Inc., has decades of experience installing drip irrigation.

Most Important Benefits of Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation offers property owners throughout the Raleigh area several benefits. We can set up the best drip irrigation system for your property or keep existing systems running well, allowing you to reap the benefits of a traditional automatic drip irrigation system. We design our drip line irrigation systems to:

Reduce Water Use

Keeping your lawn and garden watered takes a lot of water. Drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to the roots of your plants, offering you 90% efficiency and much better statistics than you’d get with traditional sprinklers.

Lower Issues with Evaporation

You lose a lot of water to evaporation with traditional watering systems, as a lot of water lands on petals, leaves, and stems. Drip irrigation kits ensure that the water reaches the roots where it does the most good.

Increase Plant Growth

We use strategic positioning to help you get the most out of drip irrigation in Raleigh, NC. The system distributes water to enhance greenery and reduce the loss of nutrients into the surrounding soil. Learn more about dripping irrigation system benefits by contacting our team.

How Drip Irrigation Works in Raleigh

drip irrigation circle around a small tree trunk

Our team carefully places several tubes and valves around your lawn while installing a drip irrigation system. These tubes slowly release water close to the roots of your plants, watering them over time.

Water moves very slowly through the tubing used in a drip irrigation system. We may recommend different drip irrigation systems depending on your lawn’s needs. We recommend a drip system for:

  • flowerbeds
  • hedges
  • planters
  • vegetable gardens
  • fruit trees
  • and more

In some cases, we may excavate to place the drip lines below the soil’s surface. We arrange the lines on top of the dirt and around your plants in other situations.

Let Us Handle Dripping Irrigation System Common Problems

Over time, drip irrigation systems often develop issues. However, you can turn to the professionals at Water Works Unlimited, Inc., for assistance in handling these problems quickly, keeping your irrigation system in excellent condition. Our team can:

  • Clean water filters in the irrigation system
  • Handle clogs in the emitters
  • Take care of punctures through the tubing

We have experience handling all common problems associated with drip irrigation, including issues with the valves and emitters. We also take steps to prevent issues with backflow.

Need help with drip irrigation? Our team at Water Works Unlimited Inc. can give you the best professional service. Call us today at (919) 570-7808!

FAQs - Best Drip Irrigation System in Raleigh

Drip irrigation, sometimes called drip line irrigation, uses tubes to apply water to plant roots slowly. You can learn more about drip irrigation by working with our team. We stand ready to answer your questions, starting right now.

Drip irrigation represents a way to water your flowers, shrubs, and plants. It involves the careful placement of a dripline to deliver water directly to the roots of your greenery. It functions more effectively than using a garden hose to water flowers as it wastes less water and limits evaporation.

Drip line irrigation delivers water to the roots of plants using low pressure. Despite the system’s name, you can usually set your drip irrigation system to provide water through a stream, spray, or drip. Drip line irrigation works under the premise of keeping plant roots moist without soaking them.

You can choose from two primary kinds of drip irrigation. Surface drip irrigation systems have tubing on top of the soil. The water drips down from the surface and gets absorbed by the roots of plants.

You also have the option of subsurface irrigation. We place a dripline under the soil, further saving water by delivering it right to the root system. We can bury the dripline up to a foot deep in your lawn. You can reach out to us to discuss both forms of drip irrigation, learning about the method that best meets your needs.

Drip irrigation supplies water and nutrients directly to the plant’s roots and only where needed, assuring healthy plants and vigorous growth. Studies on drip irrigation systems reveal that they are up to 60 percent more efficient than sprinkler systems.

Depending on your location, plant material, soil type, and the weather, we suggest that after one or two weeks of using the system, check the soil and the health of the plants and adjust the watering times as needed. Please consult us for more details information about the system or drip irrigation service.

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You can get a professional drip irrigation system to help the appearance and health of your lawn in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Our drip irrigation team puts decades of experience to work for you.

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