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A lush lawn and quality outdoor lights are stellar complements to any home or business, but neither can happen overnight or without the right team for the job. It takes state-of-the-art irrigation technology to properly grow a yard, and a trained lighting technician with premium equipment to install outdoor lights that stand out like you want them to.

Water Works Unlimited Inc. has the answers to all your outdoor upgrade needs. Our irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Holly Springs, NC, has served residents for over 25 years, providing unbeatable service and competitive pricing with no hidden fees at every stop along the way.

Between our favorable pricing, decades of experience, and unwavering passion for improving the community, there is no better team to bring your Holly Springs property to life than Water Works Unlimited Inc.

Irrigation Installation and Maintenance in Holly Springs, NC

Our irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Holly Springs goes above and beyond with every irrigation job we take. Not only do we install top-shelf sprinkler systems, but we also repair and maintain them so they withstand wear and tear.

Sprinkler Installation

If you’ve ever tried to hydrate your lawn with a cheap, store-bought sprinkler, you probably know that it takes more than regular watering to care for grass adequately. Our Water Works Unlimited Inc. team also knows it, so we install professional-grade sprinkler systems tailored to your lawn’s needs. Different yards need varying amounts of water depending on their size, grass type, and plant life. At Water Works Unlimited Inc., our irrigation experts take time to assess all those factors and customize your sprinkler’s schedule and water output to give your lawn the perfect water distribution.

Sprinkler Repair

Lawns are more demanding than you might realize. If your sprinklers break and they miss a few days of water, their life will quickly fade. Our irrigation repair team ensures that your lawn won’t have to go long without getting the water it needs. We’ve seen every irrigation problem possible over our 25 years of service, so there isn’t an issue we won’t be able to diagnose and repair quickly and reliably.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems are ideal for garden and flower bed owners who don’t want to use more water than necessary to preserve their outdoor spaces. Rather than using gallons of water to cover an entire lawn, drip irrigation uses tiny tubes to slowly drip small amounts of water near the plants’ roots where it's most effective. While drip irrigation won’t help grow an entire lawn, it will help your smaller garden spaces thrive.

Backflow Testing/Installation

When you don’t maintain your irrigation system, you run the risk of backflow (contaminated run-off water from your sprinklers) seeping into your main water line and contaminating your home’s drinking water. Call our team immediately if you believe you’re dealing with backflow issues, and we will test your water quality. Additionally, we can install a backflow prevention device to ensure your home’s water remains clean.

Spring Startups

Holly Springs, NC's spring season can get too hot for most grass types. As a result, your irrigation system will need to work harder to give your lawn the hydration it needs to keep growing. At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we offer comprehensive spring startup services that protect irrigation systems from wear and tear in the warmer months. We’ll tune up your sprinklers, examine them for wear and tear, and fix any lingering issues that might break your irrigation under an increased workload.


Like spring, the cold Holly Springs, NC, winters are detrimental to poorly kept irrigation systems. The water left in your sprinklers can freeze when the temperature drops, placing strain on your irrigation system and eventually breaking it. Our winterization team can winterproof your sprinkler system so that it stays intact and ready to combat the spring heat.

Annual Maintenance

Irrigation systems work hard throughout the year, especially when overworked in the spring and left unattended in the winter. Unfortunately, that tough job breaks even the best sprinkler systems, but you can avoid the need for repairs with annual maintenance from Water Works Unlimited Inc. Our maintenance team can restore your worn-down irrigation system back to peak form once a year so that it doesn’t unexpectedly break when you need it most.

Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation in Holly Springs, NC

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Quality outdoor lighting can boost your property’s curb appeal, strengthen its security, extend the life of your outdoor living spaces, and even more.  Our irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Holly Springs, NC, has the best lights, unbeatable installation expertise, and customer-friendly pricing.

Architectural Lighting

Architecture lights illuminate your property’s best features and enhance its curb appeal even after the sun sets. Additionally, our team can install LED lights that serve as a spotlight for architectural features and are bright enough to discourage intruders from sneaking around.

Landscape Lighting

You can use our landscape lighting to illuminate your newly-lush lawn and give it a splash of extra visual appeal.

Decks & Patios Lighting

Deck and patio lights are an excellent way to keep our outdoor living spaces functional after the sun goes down. You'll never lose visibility in your outdoor living spaces with bright enough, properly placed lighting from Water Works Unlimited Inc.

Pathway Lighting

Our pathway lights draw attention to your property’s designated walking areas. They can keep your guests safe by showing them where to walk to avoid tripping hazards.

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