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Are you looking to transform your outdoor space into a picturesque relaxation hub for your family and guests? Do you want to improve the curb appeal of a property you intend to put on the market? The premier irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Garner, NC, can help you achieve those goals.

Water Works Unlimited Inc. is an irrigation and outdoor lighting company serving Garner, NC. We have more than two decades of experience helping property owners like you bring their outdoor dreams to life. Creativity is at the core of our services.

Our project managers tap into their wealth of experience and unlimited creative juices to provide you with an outdoor space like no other. We promise 100% satisfaction on all projects. Call us today to discover how we can transform your space with our irrigation and outdoor lighting services.

The Premier Irrigation Company in Garner, North Carolina

Are you tired of spending time and energy watering your lawn and garden using a hose? Is your lawn one of the least attractive in the neighborhood? We can help. Our range of irrigation services here at Water Works Unlimited Inc. can give you a beautiful, green outdoor space you’ll love.
Our services include the following:

Sprinkler Installation

Installing a sprinkler system is the best way to ensure your lawn and garden vegetation receive enough water. There’s no risk of overwatering, underwatering, and general water wastage. Our sprinkler systems will give you more time to do the things you love without worrying about the health of your lawn vegetation.

Sprinkler Repair

At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we have years of experience in sprinkler repair services. We can find and fix leaks, replace the rotor or spray nozzles, replace the sprinkler system valve, change your sprinkler rain sensor, etc. We offer repairs for both sprinkler systems from us and those installed by other contractors.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems are popular because they deliver water more efficiently. The piping network slowly delivers water to the roots of the plants, minimizing evaporation. Drip irrigation systems work best in a garden with flowers, shrubs, and other plants. Depending on your property’s layout, we can channel the water path from above or below the soil surface.

Backflow Testing/Installation

Are you unsure about the efficacy of your backflow preventer? Do you want a new backflow prevention system installed? Sprinkler systems installed long ago may not have an efficient backflow preventer installed. Water Works Unlimited Inc. can help. As the leading irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Garner, NC, our expert testers know the code requirements for backflow testing. We’ll ensure that not contaminated water is getting into your system.

Spring Startups

Sprinklers come on in early spring. However, turning on the system immediately after winter without careful planning can lead to problems such as burst fittings, water hammer, and system-wide failure. Our spring startup service carefully wakes up your irrigation system. We also confirm that all the core elements are in the right shape for the upcoming season.


Winterization removes all traces of water from parts of your irrigation system, including the lines, fittings, sprinkler heads, pumps, and more. Leaving water in the system increases the risk of part freezing, expansion, and breakage. Our winterization service removes all traces of water, leaving nothing to freeze and protecting the integrity of your sprinkler system all through the cold months.

Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance of your irrigation system is the best way to avoid sudden system breakdowns. It’s also the surest way to reduce the risk of dry zones around your lawn or garden. With our annual maintenance service, you can keep your landscape looking healthy and attractive from year to year.

Customized Outdoor Lighting Services in Garner, North Carolina

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Outdoor lighting adds several advantages to your property, including beautification, enhanced security, and better visibility outdoors. At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we provide high-quality functional and aesthetically appealing LED lighting solutions for all our customers.
Our outdoor lighting solutions include:

Architectural Lighting

Our architectural lighting service illuminates the best features of your property, drawing more attention to them. Our careful planning and assessment focus helps us choose the best possible architectural lighting strategy for every project.

Landscape Lighting

Why invest in a beautiful landscape if no one can see it in low-light conditions? Our landscape lighting service at Water Works Unlimited Inc. brings new depth to the trees, flower beds, sitting areas, water features, etc., around your home. Our project management team guarantees 100% personalization on every project.

Decks & Patios Lighting

Decks and patios are an integral part of outdoor living in any home. Adequate lighting can transform these spaces into safe, beautiful lounging spots. You can host family game nights, enjoy a BBQ or cookout in the warm summer evenings, or take in the sights and sounds of the cool Garner summer evening.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting serves a dual purpose. First, it lights up the path across your outdoor space, ensuring easier navigation. Secondly, it blends nicely with other outdoor lighting fixtures to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Our pathway lighting experts provide durable and highly efficient low voltage lights on every project.

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At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we deliver an irrigation service guaranteed to make your outdoor space look greener. Our outdoor lighting service unlocks a new level of aesthetic appeal in low-light conditions.

We’ve grown to become the one-stop solution for all things irrigation and outdoor lighting in Garner, NC. You no longer have to work with multiple contractors for these critical projects.

We strive to maintain our stellar reputation on every new project while leaving the customer completely satisfied with the results.

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