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Sprinklers watering large grassy areas with our spring irrigation startup service

We came in with a simple goal when we first founded Water Works Unlimited Inc in 1996; to be the one-stop service for all Raleigh, NC, residents looking to build their dream lawn.

Our goals have never been profit-oriented. All we wanted when we began was to provide our community with the best possible irrigation services and help our neighbors take pride in their lush, healthy yards. And to this day, we’ve never abandoned those values, and we apply them to every appointment we take and customer we serve our sprinklers services.. That’s why we should be your number one choice of an lawn sprinkler system contractor in Raleigh, NC

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction Through Our Sprinkler Service Company

When you work with Water Works Unlimited Inc, our team of irrigation experts will treat you and your property with the friendliness and attention to detail you deserve.

Sprinkler installation is our bread and butter, but we’ll never rush through an appointment to collect a paycheck. Instead, our team will take the time to study your property and its dimensions to discover what tools it needs to grow to its full potential.

We’ll always keep you in the loop during our sprinkler services. We’ll tell you upfront what the job costs are and how we arrived at that price, so we don’t blindside you with a steep bill following the appointment.

Though it’s been 25 years since we opened our doors of sprinkler services, we’ve never lost an ounce of the passion we initially felt for the work and our community. We’ll always keep your best interest in mind, looking for discounts wherever possible and going the extra mile during sprinkler system services to ensure your lawn grows to its healthiest and looks its best. Whatever your needs the experts at our sprinkler system and outdoor lighting company in Raleigh, NC, can help.

Affordable Sprinkler System Services in Raleigh, NC

Water Works Unlimited Inc offers the broadest range of sprinkler services in Raleigh, NC. We can equip your property with state-of-the-art sprinkler systems, but we’ll also ensure that they stay functional enough to nurture your lawn.

Some of our most sought-after irrigation services include:

Sprinkler Installation

Sprinkler Repair

Drip Irrigation

Backflow Testing/Installation

Spring Irrigation Startup

Sprinkler Winterization

Annual Sprinkler Maintenance

Stunning Outdoor Lighting Installation Services

Man with hand in hole fixing sprinkler head

We want to help you grow a healthy lawn through our sprinkler services, but we also want to help you show it off as much as possible. And with these professional outdoor lighting installation services, you can keep your lawn and all of its architectural features illuminated throughout the day and night:

Architectural Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Decks & Patios Lighting

Outdoor Pathway Lighting

Call Water Works Unlimited Inc. today at (919) 570-7808 for your sprinkler system and outdoor lighting needs in the Raleigh North Carolina area!

Why Choose Water Works Unlimited Inc?

With over 25 years of experience to our name, you won’t find an sprinkler services and outdoor lighting company in Raleigh, NC, more experienced than Water Works Unlimited Inc.

We’ve taken on the biggest and smallest projects Raleigh residents could throw our way in our  time. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen, a yard we couldn’t help grow, or a property we couldn’t help illuminate with quality.

When you schedule sprinkler services with Water Works Unlimited Inc, you’re not just getting Raleigh, NC’s most experienced and skilled team; you’re getting a team as passionate about your property’s health and beauty as you are.

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