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A green and well-lit outdoor space improves any property’s curb appeal. However, you can’t achieve these results without planning. Careful irrigation and strategic outdoor lighting increase your chances of getting the outdoor space of your dreams—if you choose the right company for the job.

Water Works Unlimited Inc. is the leading irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Youngsville, North Carolina. Over the years, we’ve helped many property owners in the area bring their ideal outdoor space to life.

Our highly experienced irrigation and outdoor lighting experts have the skills to design and install the perfect irrigation or lighting system for any property. We leave our customers 100% satisfied after every project. Call now to book an appointment.

Professional Irrigation Service in Youngsville, North Carolina

Your lawn and garden vegetation can only thrive with the right level of water all year round. A poorly-designed irrigation system will undo all the hard work you’ve put into the look of your yard. Underwatering will lead to dry spots across the yard, while overwatering can lead to root disease.

Our irrigation services take the burden of maintaining your lawn’s water supply off your shoulders. We offer:

Sprinkler Installation

At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we offer the most comprehensive sprinkler installation service you can find in the Youngsville area. We pay close attention to your needs during our initial consultations to ensure we deliver a robust and reliable sprinkler installation system that perfectly fits your yard. Some of the details we take into account include the size of the area, water flow and pressure, choice of controller location, etc.

Sprinkler Repair

Sprinklers need repairs from time to time. Leaks in older units and accidents with the lawnmower are two of the most common reasons for sprinkler repairs. Regardless of the cause of damage, you can trust our expert technicians to complete the repair quickly and efficiently. Ignoring damage to your sprinkler system defeats the purpose of installing it in the first place.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is an eco-friendly solution for watering small or covered spaces that don’t get enough moisture from your sprinkler system. It also works great for sensitive plants that thrive off root watering. Watering the base of your plants through our drip irrigation systems reduces evaporation to the barest minimum, making the most out of every drop. It also prevents overwatering.

Backflow Testing/Installation

North Carolina mandates yearly backflow testing for residents. At Water Works Unlimited Inc, we deliver regular backflow testing procedures to customers in the Youngsville area. Upon completing the test, we’ll provide all the necessary documentation to you and the municipality. We’ll recommend the perfect replacement if we find any problems with your backflow prevention system.

Spring Startups

The winter months in Youngsville, NC, bring extreme cold. In these conditions, a lot can go wrong with your irrigation system. Our spring startup service checks your irrigation system to ensure it's in the best shape for the season. Correcting any problems before turning on the water will save you time and money.


Our winterization services prepare your landscape for the colder month. We adjust the sprinkler system settings, resolve any problems before the coming winter. Adequate winterization reduces the risk of damage to your system following the months of frigid temperatures.

Annual Maintenance

Maintaining your irrigation system is the best way to keep problems at bay. Our maintenance service will correct any obvious issues and uncover underlying ones. Annual maintenance reduces the risk of losing your lawn or garden vegetation due to overwatering or underwatering.

Holistic Outdoor Lighting Solutions in Youngsville, North Carolina

landscape and grass in back yard

Water Works Unlimited Inc. provides a comprehensive outdoor lighting service you can trust. We are the irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Youngsville, North Carolina, for custom lighting solutions. At the end of your project, your yard will add to the beauty and charm of your neighborhood. Our services include the following:

Architectural Lighting

Why invest money into the architectural elements of your property if they’ll remain hidden half the time? Architectural lighting focuses on your home’s best features, even in low-light conditions. Our customized solutions will give your home a unique look, further adding to the beauty of your landscape.

Landscape Lighting

At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we deliver exceptional landscape lighting services featuring the latest LED technology, digital controls, customized zoning, beam angle flexibility, etc. We work with you to provide a visually stimulating and cohesive lighting setup across your property.

Decks & Patios Lighting

Our decks and patio lighting service creates a fun and inviting environment for your family and guests. You no longer have to cut your BBQ or game nights short. Stay outdoors in a safe, beautiful environment with our carefully curated decks and patio lights.

Pathway Lighting

A well-lit pathway ensures you don’t have to stumble around in the dark while walking to your doorway. Lighting up the pathways is even more necessary if you have stairs across the yard. Tripping can lead to emergency room visits. Apart from improving the safety of your home at night, a lit path can add to the glamor of your property by illuminating borders and adding more depth to the property.

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Choose a Professional and Trustworthy Company in Youngsville, NC

Irrigation and outdoor lighting projects require a significant investment. The best way to get value for money is to work with a professional, experienced, and trustworthy company.

At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we deliver 100% satisfaction and peace of mind on all projects. Our customer-centric approach helps us understand your needs. Our years of experience come to the fore on each project because we never have problems turning dreams into reality.

We are proud to be the leading irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Youngsville, NC. Call (919) 570-7808 today to book a consultation with the project management team at Water Works Unlimited Inc.

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