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One service with Water Works Unlimited, the most trusted irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Fuquay Varina, NC, will set your home or business on course for a picture-perfect landscape.

Our irrigation services are second-to-none. Between our state-of-the-art sprinkler systems, reliable and speedy repairs, and annual preventative maintenance, there’s no better way to grow a lush, healthy lawn than calling Water Works Unlimited Inc. After you develop the yard you’ve always wanted, we’ll help you brighten it up with unbeatable outdoor lighting installation.

Irrigation Installation, Repair, and Maintenance in Fuquay Varina, NC

We make growing a dream yard easy at Water Works Unlimited Inc. Our team installs the irrigation equipment your Fuquay Varina, NC yard needs to thrive, and we will repair and maintain it to run smoothly for years.

Sprinkler Installation

A high-quality sprinkler system is essential for growing a lush lawn that you’re proud to have in front of your home or business. And at Water Works Unlimited, we install professional-grade sprinklers for all our Fuquay Varina, NC, clients at a competitive price. But our services aren’t special just because we have the best products; they’re special because we always go the extra mile. It takes more than a decent sprinkler to liven up your yard; you need one tailored to your lawn’s specific needs. At Water Works Unlimited Inc, we’ll take the time to adjust your system’s water output and range based on the size of your lawn, the grass type, and other plant life.

Sprinkler Repair

Even the best and most robust sprinkler systems aren't immune to wear and tear. If you use them long enough without regular maintenance, they'll lose effectiveness and eventually break down. If your lush, healthy lawn misses a watering session because of a broken sprinkler, the grass will quickly begin to wither. Luckily, our irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Fuquay Varina, NC, has seen every kind of sprinkler issue over our 25+ years of service. So, we’ll be able to diagnose your irrigation issues quickly and repair them before your lawn takes too much damage.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems use small tubes with holes to drip small amounts of water near plants’ roots rather than shooting gallons of water across an entire lawn like a sprinkler. While drip irrigation won’t help maintain the health of your entire yard, it's great for small spaces like flower beds and gardens. Additionally, drip irrigation is far more water-efficient than the average sprinkler system.

Backflow Testing/Installation

Backflow is the wastewater from a sprinkler or drip irrigation system, and it can create massive issues when it seeps into your main water line and pollutes your drinking water. Our team can test your home’s water supply to ensure it's safe from backflow and install a backflow prevention device on your irrigation system to keep your drinking water pure.

Spring Startups

While the warmth and direct sunlight from Fuquay Varina, NC’s spring season is great for plant life, it can be too much for irrigation systems to handle. Grass needs extra hydration during the warmer months, meaning your sprinklers will need to run longer to keep it from drying out. Unfortunately, that additional workload is too significant a burden for unmaintained irrigation systems to shoulder, and most of them will wear down under the extra pressure. Our spring startup services will restore your irrigation to peak form, replacing worn-down parts so that the system lasts through its busiest season.


Fuquay Varina, NC, residents aren’t strangers to below-freezing winters. But unfortunately, your irrigation system can face serious trouble when temperatures plummet. The leftover water in sprinklers and drip irrigation can freeze in cold winters and destroy the system from the inside. The best way to avoid that risk is with a winterization service from Water Works Unlimited Inc. We’ll weatherproof your irrigation to keep it safe in the winter and prepare it for the spring heat.

Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance from our irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Fuquay Varina, NC, will protect your irrigation system from everyday wear and tear. So, rather than slowly wearing down with daily use, your sprinklers will stay in peak condition throughout the year.

Beautify Your Property with The Best Outdoor Lighting in Fuquay Varina, NC

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Outdoor lighting is the easiest way to boost the curb appeal of your property, but there are other benefits as well. For example, well-placed exterior lights can make your home or business safer and better protected against intruders and can even increase the usefulness of your outdoor living spaces.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lights go up on your home or business to make your property visible and help specific areas stand out. They can enhance your property's curb appeal and sustain it through the night while discouraging unwanted visitors who won't be able to sneak through the shadows.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lights illuminate spots across your front and back yards. You can use them to draw attention to your favorite features or create a space with more visibility at night.

Decks & Patios Lighting

Our lighting installation will illuminate your beloved outdoor living spaces so you and your friends can enjoy them throughout the night. The night sky is no match for our LED lighting equipment.

Pathway Lighting

Though you might know your home or business like the back of your hand, new visitors will feel lost if they can’t see where they’re going after sunset. Pathway lights keep your property’s walking spaces clearly visible even at night, protecting your guests from hidden tripping hazards.

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