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Anyone with a lawn knows that you can’t rely on Mother Nature to keep your grass healthy and hydrated year-round. This is especially true in Raleigh, NC, where the warm seasons wear grass down with intense heat and stretches without rain.

That’s where irrigation systems come in. Quality, well-maintained sprinklers and drip irrigation systems provide your yard and plant life with the consistent hydration they need to thrive regardless of the weather. There is no better irrigation company in Raleigh to set up your new sprinklers than Water Works Unlimited.

Our Irrigation Services

Proper irrigation is about more than just watering plant life, so we offer the most comprehensive irrigation services in Raleigh, NC. There isn’t an irrigation job we can’t handle, from installation and maintenance of the best irrigation systems to lawn weather protection.

Sprinkler Installation

A strong sprinkler systems is the best tool to grow a healthy lawn. But not just any sprinkler will do the trick. For a healthy yard without problem areas, you’ll need a system that distributes perfect amounts of water for the exact size of your lawn and gets the water to land on every grass blade. At Water Works Unlimited, we specially design our irrigation systems depending on the size and dimensions of your yard. We know that irrigation isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” job and will carefully study your yard to determine what type of system will fit it best.

Sprinkler Repair

Our irrigation systems are the best in Raleigh, NC, on par with the top-shelf products across the United States. However, any irrigation system will wear down, lose its effectiveness, and break over time, regardless of quality. Our team offers comprehensive sprinkler repair so that your lawn won’t have to suffer when the irrigation system goes out. Our technicians have decades of irrigation experience and will be able to diagnose any issues quickly so that your yard stays in peak condition.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a way to keep your plant life hydrated without overusing your water supply. Rather than distributing large amounts of water across an entire lawn, drip systems use small tubes with smaller holes to deliver bits of water in confined spaces. Drip irrigation gets the water straight to your plant's root systems and is excellent for watering gardens, flower beds, and small trees. Water Works Unlimited has the best drip irrigation systems in Raleigh, NC, and can install them on your property at a competitive rate.

Backflow Testing/Installation

"Backflow" is when the waste water from your irrigation system works into your primary waterline and contaminates your drinking water. Our team will test your water quality to see if you're experiencing backflow and install a prevention device to clean your waterline.

Spring Startups

Your irrigation system will have to work harder as the Raleigh, NC, weather shifts from chilly and damp to warm with clear skies. At Water Works Unlimited, we can give it the preventative maintenance and upgrades it needs to stand tall against the challenge. When you schedule a spring startup service, one of our technicians will examine your irrigation for any signs of wear and tear that might worsen with repeated use and repair those issues.


Cold weather is as tough on irrigation systems as the warm seasons of Raleigh, NC. Extreme winters often freeze the water leftover in sprinklers, causing them to break. Our team will drain your irrigation system and examine it for leaks during a winterization appointment to ensure there isn’t a drop of lingering water that will wreak havoc.

Annual Maintenance

Irrigation systems go through plenty of wear and tear throughout the year. An annual maintenance appointment with Water Works Unlimited will extend your sprinklers’ lifespan and ensure they run without issue until the next service.

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