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A perfect, healthy lawn and premium outdoor lighting for your home or business are just one call away with help from Water Works Unlimited Inc. Our irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Apex, NC, has the city’s best irrigation systems, landscape lights, and installation and maintenance team.

We have served the Apex, NC, community for over 25 years. With that experience, our irrigation and lighting experts know how to provide unbeatable service, regardless of the size of your property or outdoor project.

That expertise, combined with our friendly service and competitive pricing without hidden fees, has made us Apex, NC’s go-to destination for residents looking to enhance their property’s curb appeal. When you schedule an appointment, we’ll show you first-hand why Water Works Unlimited Inc. is the city’s favorite outdoor lighting and irrigation team.

Professional Irrigation Services in Apex, North Carolina

We have the answers to all your dying, unattractive lawn woes at Water Works Unlimited Inc. Our team offers state-of-the-art irrigation systems, professional installation, reliable repairs, and preventative maintenance to keep your irrigation tools running.

Sprinkler Installation

Anyone with a spacious lawn knows you can't rely on low-quality sprinklers or Apex's off-and-on rainfall to nurture dry grass. Instead, you need a top-shelf sprinkler system designed to meet your lawn's specific needs to keep your grass thriving. Not only do we have the best professional-grade sprinkler systems in Apex, NC, but our installation team will customize them to fit your yard perfectly. Our company goes the extra mile to look into your property’s dimensions and plant life, analyze how much water each part of your lawn needs to thrive, and tailor your new sprinkler to match those requirements.

Sprinkler Repair

Gardens and grass need regular hydration to maintain their health and lush appearance. Unfortunately, that places a heavy workload on their irrigation systems, which will lose their effectiveness and break down completely without regular maintenance. That’s why Water Works Unlimited Inc. offers expert sprinkler repair; so that your lawn never misses a day of the hydration it needs. Our irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Apex, NC, has seen every sprinkler issue over our 25+ years of experience. So, we’ll diagnose your irrigation problems promptly and know precisely how to fix them.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation cannot cover as much range as a sprinkler system. Still, it's a stellar method for hydrating small contained areas like flower beds and gardens without overwatering or wasting water. Drip irrigation systems are small tubes with smaller holes that slowly drip water directly onto the plant’s soil near the root system, rather than shooting gallons of water less deliberately like a sprinkler. Water Works Unlimited Inc. has quality drip irrigation solutions to bring your dry plants to life.

Backflow Testing/Installation

"Backflow" happens when contaminated water from your irrigation system pollutes your property's main water line. Backflow renders previously perfect water completely unusable, but our team can test your water supply to check if it is contaminated and has a solution. We can install a backflow prevention device that ensures contaminants won’t reach your main water line.

Spring Startups

The shift from chilly winters to warm Apex, NC, springs puts a heavy burden on your lawn and irrigation system. Grass needs extra hydration in the warmer months to offset the hot Apex sun, which means your sprinklers need to run longer to deliver that additional water. Our spring startup services prepare your sprinklers for that extra workload. We’ll inspect your irrigation and perform preventative maintenance to ensure the system stays intact through its busiest season.


Apex’s cold winter weather also places a burden on irrigation systems. When temperatures drop below freezing, the water in your irrigation system solidifies, causing the sprinklers to break. Our winterization maintenance will keep your sprinklers from freezing and shattering in the frigid winter.

Annual Maintenance

Your sprinkler systems endure a lot between Apex’s temperature shifts and the subsequent heavy watering workloads. Annual maintenance from Water Works Unlimited Inc. will reverse your system’s wear and tear and keep your sprinklers running smoothly throughout the year.

Outdoor Lighting Installation in Apex, North Carolina

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Our irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Apex, NC, has the best lighting fixtures for all your property’s outdoor areas. So, whether you’re looking to use your deck or patio through the night or show off your newly-healthy landscape for enhanced curb appeal, Water Works Unlimited Inc. has a solution for you.

Architectural Lighting

Architecture lights go up on your home or business to enhance some of its design features. For example, if you have a fountain or garage door area you’d like to draw attention toward, architectural lighting will serve as a spotlight. Architectural lights work for more than curb appeal. A well-lit property will also discourage intruders from breaking in and having their identity exposed.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lights are similar to architectural lighting, but illuminate gardens or yard areas rather than a property's architecture. These lights also provide the benefits of increased security and curb appeal throughout the night.

Decks & Patios Lighting

One of the best ways to bring family and friends together is a deck or patio party. But unfortunately, once the sun fades and night settles in, those outdoor living spaces lose their appeal. Well-placed deck patio lights will allow you and your guests to see each other during the night, extending those outdoor spaces’ lifespans.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lights keep your property’s designated walkways visible day and night, keeping you and your guests safe from uneven terrain and tripping hazards.

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