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Evergreen Landscape Lighting in Raleigh, NC

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Landscape and outdoor areas take significant time and money to maintain. Installing Landscape Lights gives you more time to enjoy your space. At night, illumination imbues the landscape with a unique quality by creating a visual contrast between the forms and plants.

Outdoor landscape Lighting can make an environment feel spacious and inviting. Water Works Unlimited Inc in Raleigh, NC, designs landscape lighting systems that compliment your home’s architectural features.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting Installations

As a landscape lighting company, our primary purpose is to illuminate your outdoor area, but it also has other benefits.

Draw Attention

Bring a bold and elegant element to your home’s exterior by highlighting unique features, including fountains, flowerbeds, trees, and gardens. Besides increasing the curb appeal of your property, our unique landscape lighting helps your property appear more aesthetically pleasing at night.

More Functional

Adding landscape lighting to your outdoor space makes it more functional. LED outdoor lights provide a good light source for late-night entertaining, allowing you to utilize indoor and outdoor areas.

Added Security

Burglars tend to target poorly lit and dark homes. Landscape lighting is an effective tool against intruders who try to break in after dark. Additionally, landscape lighting installations increases the likelihood that someone will catch the criminal in the act.

Better Safety

Outdoor activities at night are potentially dangerous because dark areas can obscure uneven pathways and sidewalks. Outdoor landscape lighting improves visibility to prevent your guests from accidentally hurting themselves.

Common Problems - Landscape Lighting Services in Raleigh

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These are the most common Landscape Lighting problems.

Lights Not Turning On

If you have power and the landscape lights do not come on, there is a short causing the transformer to turn off. Otherwise, the lighting connectors or wires may have disconnected.

Wire Shorts

A short occurs when the wire becomes damaged or frayed. In some cases, repeated exposure to water can cause faults. Also, the sudden growth of tree roots can stretch the wires, causing them to snap. If you are facing issues like these then don't be late to get landscape lighting repair services.

Faulty Timers

If your landscape lights do not turn on as expected, you may have a malfunctioning light timer. Try resetting the transformer. If that fails, replace the broken timer.

Dead Zones

When a section of outdoor landscape lights stops working, the transformer has tripped to the off position.

Landscape Lighting Services:: Our Approach

Water Works Unlimited Inc has been designing and installing custom outdoor landscape lighting solutions for over 25 years. Our mission is to provide you with customer service that exceeds your expectations. We take care of your property as if it were our own, without making a mess or damaging the landscape.

No matter what size your project is, we can handle it. We provide our landscape lighting services using top-quality materials to withstand changing weather conditions. Our experienced team will work with you to create a beautifully illuminated landscape lighting systems.

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Why Choose Us for Landscape Lighting??

People love the comfort and convenience of their homes, and outdoor spaces have become the new living areas. With ample outdoor landscape lighting, you can create a dramatic effect at night, transforming trees, bushes, and other elements into focal points. By choosing our landscape lighting company as your go-to landscape lighting planner and installer, you ensure that your outdoor space will be functional and attractive by our professionals and experts outdoor lighting contractors.

FAQs - Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Raleigh North Carolina

There are many different kinds of outdoor landscape lighting. The most popular ones include floodlights, step lights, wall washing, and stainless steel LED landscape lights.

Outdoor pathway lights provide the most natural form of lighting. Using these lighting fixtures around your home can be a great idea since you can use them along the walkway, near the driveway, or around your pond.

It usually takes careful planning to decide where to install landscape lights. The best way to ensure your landscape lighting is well lit is to place lights six to eight feet apart. We place the fixtures without affecting the indoor ambiance.

Water Works Unlimited Inc is one of the best leading outdoor landscape lighting companies in Raleigh, NC. Call us now at (919) 570-7808.

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