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Prevent Contamination with Backflow Testing/Installation in Raleigh, NC

Water Works Unlimited, Inc. provides you with safer drinking water through affordable backflow testing/installation in Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding communities.

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Have you considered backflow testing/installation for your home? We all work hard to look after our families, including having safe drinking water that is as pure as possible within reach. It is a terrifying thought that the water we use outside of our homes could carry pollutants and microorganisms into our family’s drinking water, but there are affordable solutions.

Companies like Water Works Unlimited, Inc. provide systems for safer drinking water so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

What is Backflow?

The term ‘backflow’ describes how the water from outside irrigation, plumbing, or gardening systems enters the drinking water system on a property. Contaminants include:




pet waste and more

Without proper prevention, backflow causes extremely unhealthy conditions for those consuming impure water. While foul odors or discoloration could sometimes indicate a problem, confirmation of whether your drinking water is safe is only possible through professional backflow testers.

The benefits of testing your water are manifold, including:

a healthy water source for food preparation, cooking, and brushing your teeth

improved sanitation to combat toxins and other pollutants

peace of mind about the purity of the water your family is consuming

How We Perform Backflow Testing

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We test water purity with special equipment, as even microscopic particles affect the cleanliness of the water supply. Water Works Unlimited, Inc. recommends annual testing as seasonal changes affect the landscape, water system, or maintenance requirements on your Raleigh property.

Our standard backflow testing process includes all external water systems, ensuring they meet regional and national health standards. Water Works Unlimited, Inc. makes testing services available at a time most convenient to you, including evenings and weekends.

What If the Test Confirms a Contaminated Water Supply?

The presence of contaminants, even in low quantities, requires quick action. The problem could increase as contaminated backflow continues to leak into the drinking water, and it is essential to stop further contamination with reliable backflow prevention devices. These devices enforce a one-way flow of water through outdoor water systems, such as irrigation.

With the installation and testing thereafter, you can be sure that the water flowing from an irrigation system will not be able to return to your main water supply. Annual backflow testing/installation will ensure safe and clean drinking water, identifying problems early enough to safeguard your family’s health year-round.

Common Problems Arising from Irrigation Backflow

Most residential properties cross-connect permanently or temporarily with the public water system. These connections require a backflow prevention device as standard safety measures for the public source. The primary reason is that sudden water pressure changes could easily drive contaminants back into the main system, causing widespread health problems.

There are two types of pressure changes:


This problem occurs when downward pressure is suddenly greater than upward pressure. For example, when a pipe bursts.


This is a vacuum pressure problem. Think of sucking water through a straw for a sip but then releasing it before completing the action. The backwash from the brief vacuum pressure releases contaminants into the rest of the water, as when a fire hose pulls water from a hydrant for a short period and then releases it.

Once contaminants mingle with potable water, problems multiply. Without immediate filtering, the system redistributes poor-quality water to the public, commercial, and residential properties it feeds. Thankfully, there are ways to protect your Raleigh property from this surprisingly common occurrence.

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Irrigation Backflow Solutions at Water Works Unlimited, Inc

At Water Works Unlimited, Inc, our team of certified testing professionals pulls out all the stops to help you take care of your drinking water. We use top-of-the-line equipment and regular testing services to ensure a contaminant-free water supply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Raleigh’s residential homes benefit from these devices where the irrigation, sprinkler, or heating systems cross-connect to the public water system. Annual testing should be sufficient.

Our certified professionals complete irrigation backflow preventer testing to determine whether the water is flowing from outdoor water systems into residential or public drinking water supplies.

Our backflow test and installation services use specialized equipment, state-certified and trained technicians, and delicate filters to test the water entering your home’s drinking supply.

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