Outdoor Lighting Installation in Raleigh, NC

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Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation in Raleigh, NC

Your property might look like a work of art during the day, with lush grass and architectural features that you’re proud to show off. However, that curb appeal quickly disappears after the sun sets.

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If you want to keep your home’s beauty shining through the day and night, you can call Water Works Unlimited for professional outdoor lighting installation. Our Raleigh, NC, lighting experts will know what fixtures your property needs to stand out 24 hours a day and can install them for you at a competitive price.

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Our Outdoor Lighting Services

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lights go up on and around your house to illuminate different exterior features. If you have anything you want to enhance the curb appeal of through the night, whether it's a front yard garden area or a new garage door, architectural lights are the best way to do it. You won’t find better architectural lighting in Raleigh, NC, than you will at Water Works Unlimited. Our bright, water-resistant LED light bulbs give just enough shine to your beloved home accents to help them stand out without blinding your neighbors. Not only do we have the best products, but we also offer high-quality installation. It takes a trained eye to know how and where to set up accent lighting to make it most effective, and our team is the best in the industry.

Landscape Lighting

Like architectural lighting, landscape lights go up around your yard and outdoor areas to brighten places you want to see clearly, day or night. These lights can enhance your curb appeal, but go a long way in making your private backyard areas more appealing as well. Landscape lights from Water Works Unlimited are bright and durable, so you can bring a shine to your backyard that lasts years without fading. Additionally, all our lighting fixtures are environmentally-friendly, meaning your aesthetic investments will also come with a bit of peace of mind.

Decks & Patios Lighting

Decks and patios are excellent ways to bring family and friends close together. Unfortunately, those beloved outdoor investments quickly lose their usefulness as soon as the sun sets. Setting your deck or patio up with new outdoor light fixtures is the easiest way to give those outdoor spaces life, regardless of the time of day. Small accent lights or a big, bright floodlight will help you and your house guests see outdoors even after the sun entirely fades from sight. That way, you can enjoy your deck and patio gatherings for longer.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lights are great ways to illuminate designated walking spaces throughout your property. Not only will they help you know where you're going in the dark, but guests who aren’t as familiar with your outdoor spaces will be able to navigate through them quickly with bright lights.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

pathway with lights along the way

Having outdoor lighting solutions for your home or business provides more than lights.  It also:

Enhanced Safety and Security

Outdoor lighting is the most cost-effective way to protect you and your property. Not only will bright floodlights and landscape lighting in your front and back yards illuminate intruders' faces, but they will also deter anyone from trying to sneak around in the first place. Outdoor lighting fixtures from Water Works Unlimited also have automatic timers and schedules, so you can leave them on even when you’re not home. Additionally, well-placed pathway and patio lights will illuminate your property’s safe, paved areas and steer you away from uneven terrain.

Visual Appeal

Architectural lighting can serve as a spotlight for the home fixtures you’re most proud of, helping them stand out all day. Putting the right features in the right light will enhance the visual appeal of your entire property.

More Use for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor lights will illuminate every outdoor space you want to see throughout the night. That will let you continue using those spaces even after the natural light is gone.

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