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Most homeowners spend more time outdoors in the spring and summer months. The backyard and the front lawn become the entertainment hubs and the natural refuge from the intense heat. Irrigation and outdoor lighting make these entertainment hubs more alluring.

Lush green vegetation and a well-lit landscape make the outdoor sessions more fun. You’ll also improve the look and feel of your property in the eyes of passers-by. However, you need the help of an experienced and reliable company to achieve these results.

Water Works Unlimited Inc. is an irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Cary, NC, providing property owners in the area with a warm and comfortable outdoor experience. Choosing us for your outdoor lighting and irrigation projects is the surest way to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal within your budget.

Comprehensive Irrigation Service in Cary, North Carolina

A professionally designed irrigation system keeps the vegetation around your yard green. These solutions are also eco-friendly as they reduce water wastage. At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we offer the full range of irrigation services, including the following:

Sprinkler Installation

Are you tired of dragging a hose around your yard to water your grass and plants? Do you want to maintain a regular watering schedule without needing to be hands-on? Our sprinkler installation service provides homeowners like you with the perfect hands-free solution. We design the sprinkler system to meet your needs and provide a walk-through to ensure you make the most of the system and know exactly how to use it.

Sprinkler Repair

Sprinklers don't work round the clock. However, like all systems with moving parts, they break down occasionally. At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we can find hidden and apparent problems with your sprinkler system and correct them quickly. We'll also recommend the best long-lasting fix for damages beyond repair.

Drip Irrigation

All plants require regular watering. However, the watering action of standard sprinkler systems may yield counterproductive results for the most sensitive species. Drip irrigation provides an even higher level of control over the watering process. It saves more water by reducing runoffs and evaporation while delivering the water directly to the roots of plants.

Backflow Testing/Installation

Backflow prevention systems are mandatory in North Carolina. As the leading irrigation and outdoor lighting company in Cary, NC, we deliver comprehensive backflow testing and installation services to our clients. Let’s help you keep sewage and impurity-laden water away from your irrigation system.

Spring Startups

Spring is the perfect time to turn on your irrigation. A professional spring startup service will evaluate the system, checking for any signs of winter damage. We can help you avert the frustration of losing some of your plants to overwatering or underwatering by uncovering damage early.


Winterization is the opposite of spring startups. We get your irrigation system ready for the winter months with this service. The core part of this service is to get rid of water from the system. The various parts of the system are less likely to freeze with adequate winterization.

Annual Maintenance

Irrigation systems feature several moving parts. Damage to one of these parts may remain undetected until it is too late. Our annual maintenance service keeps an eye on all the crucial elements of your irrigation system. We’ll uncover any hidden damage and prevent any new damage from occuring.

Expert Outdoor Lighting Service in Cary, North Carolina

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In the past, outdoor lighting only ensured adequate visibility around your front door. Today, you can use outdoor lighting to add new depth to your property. Our professional outdoor lighting services combine functionality and aesthetics on every project. You can count on us for the following:

Architectural Lighting

Our architectural lighting service brings attention to your property’s best features in low-light conditions. Sculptures, retaining walls, contours and shapes shouldn’t disappear as the sun goes down. Our architectural lighting design team deploys high-tech solutions to find the best lighting setup for your home.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is the perfect way to highlight the beauty of your outdoor space. Strategic lighting can transform your landscape into a dreamy destination as the sun goes down. At Water Works Unlimited Inc., we’ll help you choose a unique, complementary lighting scheme for your property.

Decks & Patios Lighting

During the spring and summer months, decks and patios see a lot of traffic. Homeowners spend more time on them entertaining guests or taking in the sights and sounds of the landscaping. Our deck and patio lighting services make these spots even more comfortable for your family.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lights make your outdoor space easier to navigate in low-light conditions. Strategically placed lights illuminate the way around your home. However, combined with other forms of outdoor lighting, pathway lights can also increase your home’s curb appeal.

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