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Outdoor Pathway Lighting Services in Raleigh, NC

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When evening falls, does the darkness seem to swallow your property whole? Or perhaps you rely on the flashlight on your smartphone to illuminate your home’s pathway as you walk to your front door, driveway, or back yard at night. Some homeowners don’t even have the welcome reprieve of streetlights to provide minimal illumination. Outdoor pathway lighting systems can be a lifesaver in these situations.

Pathway lights are a versatile landscape pathway lighting solution that can illuminate the darkest areas of your driveway and walkway. At Water Works Unlimited Inc, we offer comprehensive modern pathway lighting solutions to ensure safer and more comfortable nighttime navigation.

Advantages of Our Outdoor Pathway Lighting

Investing in the best quality landscape pathway lighting offers the following advantages:

Creates safe walking conditions:

Adding landscape pathway light fixtures to the sidewalk leading up to your home and front entrance walkway ensures that you and your guests safely make it into the house. Additionally, the warm light cast over your landscape will have a welcoming and inviting feel, and your guests will know exactly where to pull up when they arrive.

Enhances security:

Outdoor pathway lights are likely to deter intruders because they’ll assume someone is at home.

Protect your walkway border plants:

If you’re tired of people trampling over your beautiful walkway flowers or messing up your well-manicured front lawn, landscape path light fixtures ensure their protection.

Boost overall curb appeal:

In addition to functionality, outdoor pathway lighting improves the aesthetics of your property. Strategically placed outdoor pathway light fixtures show off the beautiful architectural features of your home while the ambiance accentuates your entire landscape.

Outdoor Pathway Lighting Installation Process in Raleigh

cement pathway with lights and plants

Once you’re ready to invest in our outdoor pathway lighting service, we’ll schedule a consultation to inspect the landscape. Our experts will analyze your pathway and walkway and develop a modern pathway lighting setup that best complements your property.

You’ll never have to worry about hidden costs or complicated fee structures. We’ll provide you with a reasonable quote depending on the scope of work. Once you approve the price and the design concept we put together, our team will get to work.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative process that involves working closely with the homeowner to create the outdoor pathway lighting system of their dreams. We use highly efficient lighting fixtures made from all materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. Such materials have waterproofing qualities and can withstand environmental demands.

Common Landscape Pathway Lighting Problems

Our professional landscape technicians have experience fixing a wide range of outdoor pathway lighting problems, such as:

Excessive outdoor lighting:

Installing too many light fixtures on the pathway can have undesirable effects. The light’s illumination can be blinding, resulting in your guests squinting or shielding their eyes from the glare when walking up the pathway. Also, excessive light sources increase the voltage load, increasing the risk of an electrical catastrophe.

Improper light fixture placement:

Placing outdoor pathway light fixtures too close to the walkway or pathway is a safety hazard as it increases the risk of accidents.

Connection issues:

If your lights aren’t working or don’t flash on when they’re supposed to, you’re likely experiencing connection issues. Our technicians have years of experience in solving such electrical problems.

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FAQs - Outdoor Pathway Lighting Services

You can use various outdoor pathway light fixtures to light your walkway, including:

  • Solar path lights
  • LED outdoor lights
  • Floodlights
  • Lanterns

You can light a walkway by installing a combination of outdoor pathway light fixtures. Fixtures should be 10-15 feet apart and use low-wattage light bulbs to provide sufficient illumination without a blinding effect.

A skilled exterior light technician should handle landscape pathway lighting systems as installing fixtures requires electrical knowledge.

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