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We Handle Sprinkler Installation in Raleigh, NC

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Are you interested in installing a sprinkler system in Raleigh or surrounding towns? If so, you can reach out to our team at Water Works Unlimited, Inc., to discuss your options. We use our decades of experience to handle sprinkler installation for commercial and residential clients.

Advantages to In-Ground Sprinkler Systems in Raleigh

An irrigation system with sprinklers can keep your lawn green throughout even the hottest parts of summer. In-ground sprinklers can:

Conserve Water

We focus on avoiding water waste with our sprinkler systems. First, we carefully place each spray head to minimize wind-related water loss. Then, we select a sprinkler arrangement that ensures all your plants, shrubs, bushes, and trees get enough water without waste.

Save You Time

We offer a pop-up sprinkler system that you can either automate or control with a remote. Both options save you time, allowing you to avoid by-hand watering. In addition, if you use an automated system, you don’t even have to remember to turn off the water.

How We Install Sprinklers in Raleigh

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We perform a three-step sprinkler installation service for our clients. Our team will:

Plan the Installation

Before we ever break ground, we assess your needs, focusing on things like:

The type of soil you have

The size of your lawn

The shape of the lawn

We decide how many sprinklers you’ll need, focus on their ideal placement, and determine what water pressure will work best. Factors like the kind of plants you have and the amount of sun exposure you get also play a role in setting up your sprinkler system.

Properties that get full sun may need more sprinklers than locations with partial or full shade.

Create the System

We use the information we gathered about your lawn to focus on the best way to get hydration to every part of your property. We consider the water source we’ll use to fuel the sprinklers and the kinds of plants you want to grow.

Place the System

We move quickly with our trench-less technology. Our machines are designed to install the pipe at the proper depth with the goal of maintaining the current astetics of your lawn. Next, we install the heads, and bury the lines. Our crew considers numerous factors during this process, including local watering restrictions.

Let Us Address Any Common Problems with Sprinkler Installation

Our team understands the ins and outs of sprinkler installation. We have decades of experience with both commercial and residential installation projects, allowing us to address any potential problems with the process quickly. We take the time to complete the installation correctly the first time, minimizing the risk of:

Water leaks

Pop-up failures

Poor water pressure

Clogs for the sprinkler heads

We carefully assess considerations like head height and irrigation zones to ensure you get the most out of your sprinkler system. A properly installed system can last for many years, keeping your lawn correctly hydrated every summer.

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Sprinkler Installation FAQs

You can get answers to all your sprinkler installation questions by reaching out to our professional team.

Installing a sprinkler system should improve the condition of your lawn. Regular watering boosts the health of your grass and can limit the spread of weeds. Generally, healthier lawns increase property value and boost the curb appeal of homes and businesses.

Some property owners attempt sprinkler system installation on their own. However, the process takes much longer without the proper tools and often causes extra damage to your lawn. You may also end up placing sprinklers incorrectly, causing some areas of your yard to dry out. Our team uses our extensive experience, training, and equipment to handle all your needs during sprinkler installation. Find out more by contacting us.

Keep Your Lawn Green with Raleigh Sprinkler Installation

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