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How Do You Illuminate an Outdoor Pathway?

Backyard Garden LED Light Illumination

Great homeowners want their homes, from outside to inside, to be welcoming and safe for their family, friends, and neighbors. With the days shorter and as it gets dark before evening in the winter, moving across the lawn and even getting to the front door might be difficult. Therefore, it helps a lot to illuminate your property. An effective solution is to install pathway lighting. This lighting works well for safety reasons and will properly lead visitors to your front door.

What Is Pathway Lighting?

Pathway lighting is the installation of lighting fixtures along a passageway. It is a crucial outdoor component that fulfills several purposes. Walkway lights improve curb appeal, promote safety, and emphasize certain landscape elements.

Although many outdoor lighting options exist, finding the correct style fixture might take a lot of work. You’ll want to select the perfect design for your home because style might differ based on your house’s appearance. You don’t want to disturb the vibe of your yard. You can use path lights around ponds and flowerbeds, but keep them from shining directly down on plants.

With this, we don’t recommend that you DIY your pathway lighting. Contact the experts at Water Works Unlimited Inc., and we’ll find the best path lights for your home. We’ll also assist in the suitable installation and give you a hand with proper maintenance, so your lights last a long time.

5 Types of Pathway Lighting

Let’s take a look at the different types of path lights that you can use to illuminate your outdoor walkways. By understanding these different types, you can better decide which would satisfy your needs and preferences the best.

1. Step lights

Step lights are pathway lighting solutions that are suitable for an outdoor staircase. These lights are relatively small but are effective in preventing missteps. You can install step lights in one of two ways—on a wall beside the stairway or directly under the steps.

2. Downlights

Downlights illuminate any space quickly. Rather than spotlighting an area, they are effective for pathway lighting. They can be installed a little higher up to cast a wider area of light. Downlights cast less glare, which makes them a popular choice. The scope of illumination increases with distance from the path.

3. Garden lights

When it comes to illuminating paths with plants and flowers, garden lights are your best bet. They light up the trail and the greens nearby. Typically, garden lights are at least 18” tall. Due to their height, there is less likely that they can cause harm to the natural elements in your yard.

4. Bollard lights

Bollard lights, also known as pillar lights, can simultaneously light up passageways and flower beds because they have a 360-degree light spread. They are frequently positioned at the beginning or finish of a trail as a focal point and to steer pedestrians in the right way because they are a brighter light source. Their design makes them prone to glare. To prevent the light from shining upwards, we recommend using low-wattage bulbs. Another option to reduce glare is to install bollards with a solid top.

5. Flush lights

Flush lights are installed on the surface of a route. This in-ground lighting casts a gentle, upward, and outward light without being as intense as a spotlight. Since they are installed in line with the ground, they can even be stepped on without worrying that they will shatter.

Let the Experts from Water Works Unlimited Inc. Light Up Your Pathways

With the right pathway lighting fixtures, you can make your outdoor walkways brighter and bring the most attractive features of your landscape to the front and center. Let our expert landscape lighting contractors at Water Works Unlimited Inc. help you in creating a safe and magical late-night outdoor dreamscape.

Promote safe walking paths while preserving the stunning natural spaces on your property. You can create a path of light around any plants, flower beds, and water features you may have. Call us today at (919) 570-7808 to install the perfectly suitable pathway lights for your home.

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