How to Help Your Lawn Survive the North Carolina Summer Heat? Best Explanations

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It’s essential to take extra care of your lawn during the summer. After all, you don’t want your grass to become dry and die. Knowing what to do to prevent your lawn from becoming brown and dying will help you maintain it healthy throughout the North Carolina summer. Here are some things you can do so your yard will survive and thrive even during the harshest heat waves of the summer.

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1. Understand the lawn damage caused by extreme heat

On top of decreased growth, heat stress can cause the grass to brown and wilt. To address this, you should water your lawn more often than usual during this time to ensure that the soil is moist, so the roots survive. Additionally, you should mulch around plants to increase moisture retention in the ground.

2. Plan your watering schedule

Always check the weather forecast so you can plan your watering schedule accordingly. You should monitor the local temperature and humidity levels and check that your sprinkler system is functioning well to withstand rising temperatures.

Water your lawn early in the morning to avoid quick evaporation. Doing it in the late afternoon or early evening can result in your grass drying out too quickly and developing brown spots or dead patches since the heat causes water to evaporate fast. However, don’t overwater your yard. Overwatering is a waste of money and can lead to fungi growth and diseases.

3. Skip fertilization for now

Even though you might be tempted, it’s smart to skip fertilizing your lawn in the summer heat. During a heat wave, fertilizer can burn the roots, turning your lawn yellow or brown. Moreover, it may cause the grass to grow incorrectly and too quickly, resulting in patches of dead grass sprouting directly on top of clumps of beautiful green grass.

4. Mow high, not low

Too short of a cut can turn the grass brown and make it fragile. Mow frequently, but keep the grass longer than usual. Mowing once every two weeks is sufficient. Doing this consistently can preserve the density of the grass and prevent its roots from being overexposed to sunshine.

It is important to mow at the right time. Do it after lunch or early in the morning to prevent your lawn from burning in the sun for long periods of time. Don’t wait until it gets dark outside. Consider hiring someone to take care of your lawn in the summer season if you want to take an extra step.

5. Install an automated sprinkler

It is best to have an automated sprinkler at your disposal, especially during summer. Install one if you don’t have any at home yet.

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Set a timer to turn your sprinklers on and off automatically so they won’t run if you’re not at home. This will guarantee that the lawn receives the appropriate amount of water without being overwatered. Avoid watering at night or on windy days since they may become excessively wet and rot if exposed to rain or dew after being watered, both of which occur during summer. Over-watering can result in fungus growth, which is terrible for grass.

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Best Sprinkler Installation to Protect Your Lawn

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