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Is Installing Your Own Lawn Sprinkler System Easy?

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Are you spending your mornings outside with a hose in your hand making sure your grass stays green?  Hand watering your grass is very tedious and extremely time consuming.  To reach the next level in lawn watering, one must install a sprinkler system which will not only give you your time back, but make sure your lawn is green throughout the season.

You might be thinking you can install a sprinkler system on your own. While it’s possible to install one yourself, it’s not the best idea. You might think it can save you money, but in the long run, it can cost more, especially when the installation isn’t done properly. The sprinkler repair services you will need down the road are far more expensive than just letting a professional do it right the first time.

Good thing Water Works Unlimited Inc. is here to help! Sprinkler installation is a challenge. It demands patience and expertise to do it right the first time. With our help, we can install your sprinklers and get them running in no time! No more hand-watering for you ever!

5 Reasons to Trust the Pros to Install Your Sprinklers

Never attempt to install your irrigation system, especially if you don’t have a working knowledge of this system or have never done it before. Below are the reasons why trusting the sprinkler pros is the best decision you can make during sprinkler installation.

1. It saves you time

DIY sprinkler installation will take a lot of time. It’s not something that most people can finish on a whim on a Saturday afternoon. Amateurs can waste several weekends trying to figure out how to install a sprinkler system correctly.

Our sprinkler contractors at Water Works Unlimited Inc. have the experience to complete the task swiftly and correctly. The installation won’t take much of your time because all you need to do is make specific decisions about what you want to be done on your system. Therefore, when installing a sprinkler system, hiring a professional will help you avoid spending hours or even days on the task. Use this saved time by spending quality time with your loved ones or doing activities that you really enjoy.

2. It saves you money

You’re going to make blunders unless you’ve installed sprinkler systems before. You will have sprinkler problems if you make any mistakes. Even if it works properly for a while, a poor installation could result in a break or a crack down the road.

If a professional does it, you can avoid sprinkler repairs needed to correct the installation. With DIY, you can end up spending more money on repairs. The worst-case scenario is you need to replace the entire system because of unfixable installation errors.

3. It guarantees peace of mind

When you finish any DIY project, you always wonder if you did it correctly. You’ll feel more at ease knowing that an experienced contractor installed your sprinklers. You will not need to question whether it was completed correctly or if any errors were made. Additionally, if any of our specialists install your system, we will be familiar with it if you ever need repairs. You will have peace of mind knowing that you can work with us for repairs because we already know your system.

4. No need to buy special tools

You’ll need special tools to DIY install a sprinkler system correctly. You avoid worrying about renting or buying these tools if you hire us to install your irrigation system. We will come with the necessary tools and equipment to install your sprinklers. We have a complete set of tools to complete the task efficiently.

5. You will have an effective sprinkler system to keep your lawn healthy

When it comes to sprinkler installation, everything should be put in place. Consider the electrical lines, pipes, tree roots, and other hazards on your lawn. Sprinklers cannot just be installed anywhere because there are areas that make them prone to damage. Our experienced contractors can design and install the ideal system for your property.

Trust Water Works Unlimited Inc. to Install Your Sprinkler System

Don’t worry if it seems like we’ve bombarded you with information because sprinkler pros exist for a reason. Having an experienced contractor assist you with sprinkler installation brings a ton of benefits, such as saving you time and money, giving you peace of mind, and ensuring that you have a sprinkler system that works correctly.

Call Water Works Unlimited, Inc., at 919-570-7808 for sprinkler installation in or around Raleigh, NC. We can help you plan your sprinkler system’s design, decide how much of your property to water, fit the pipes and valves, and do future sprinkler repairs.

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Is Installing Your Own Lawn Sprinkler System Easy?

Is Installing Your Own Lawn Sprinkler System Easy?

Are you spending your mornings outside with a hose in your hand making sure your grass stays green?  Hand watering your grass is very tedious…