Why Are My Sprinklers Not Turning On?

Garden irrigation system with sprinklers

Many homeowners undervalue their sprinklers. They are responsible for keeping your grass in the best shape all year. However, far too often, homeowners overlook warning signs that their sprinkler system is malfunctioning or, in some cases, completely broken.

Our goal is to help you keep your grass in its top condition. We have a lot of experience with irrigation installation and sprinkler repair. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common sprinkler problems why your sprinklers aren’t working properly or turning on, as well as some diagnostic advice.

5 Common Sprinkler Problems

1. Low Water Pressure

One of the leading causes of sprinkler problems is low water pressure. The majority of the time, the solution is straightforward—low water pressure is caused by blockages, bad hardware, broken pipes, and backend issues. It could also be due to a system not being built for the current operating pressure. Fortunately, it’s also one of the most common causes of inadequate coverage.

2. Clogged Sprinkler Head

A clogged sprinkler head is a very common problem. This problem could cause your head not to rise or the water not to flow correctly.

3. Pop-up Problems

This flaw might manifest itself in a variety of ways. However, they all have the same effect—one or more of your sprinkler heads will perform poorly or not at all. There are several causes of pop-up problems. A relay could be destroyed, your controller underperforming, or the pop-up mechanism in one of the heads could fail mechanically. Unfortunately, there are so many probable causes for this problem that it isn’t worth your effort to try to diagnose it yourself.

This is especially true when considering how many of the potential causes may be fixed at home. As a result, in this case, you should contact our irrigation service as soon as you notice a problem.

4. Pump Issues

Another severe flaw is a buzzing pump. It’s a sign that your sprinkler system’s relay system—a magnetic switch that activates the system—is malfunctioning. An audible, static-like buzzing noise is a sign that can pinpoint this problem. Since a malfunctioning relay results in an inert sprinkler head, you should contact us when you hear any buzzing in your pump.

5. Water Leaks

A leaking sprinkler system is doomed. Ignoring leaks can result in a significant increase in your water bill.

It’s crucial to keep a watch on your sprinkler’s various zones. Sprinkler valves use a diaphragm seal operated by a magnetic solenoid that alters the internal vacuum pressure to control water flow to each zone. The diaphragm expands and closes. As a result, it is allowing water to flow or not. Suppose water is consistently escaping from one or more zones. It could be due to a faulty valve diaphragm, an obstruction inside the valve, or inappropriate design/installation that prevents the valve from entirely sealing.

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