Why Do I Need to Winterize My Sprinkler System?

lawn water sprinkler spraying over grass

Lawn sprinkler winterization is important to protect your irrigation system from freezing and breaking. This is when you must drain all the water from your system, including the fittings, sprinkler heads, backflow preventer, and pipes. It is necessary because even a tiny amount of water can cause PVC piping to freeze, expand, and crack if it remains inside the irrigation system’s components.

Although more flexible materials are already used in newer pipes, they can still break and incur damage if water is left inside. Your backflow preventer is vulnerable to freeze damage if it is above ground and exposed to the elements. Ice forms when water expands, breaking the brass body and causing damage to the components inside. Backflow device replacement and maintenance can be costly, which is something that winterization could prevent.

How to Winterize Your Irrigation System?

Most irrigation systems are built to drain manually. However, relying on this isn’t enough come winter because water droplets can still wreak havoc on the entire system. Therefore, winterizing should be done perfectly and with the help of a professional. To learn the basics of lawn sprinkler winterization, here are the basic steps.

1. Find the main water valve, then close it to shut off the irrigation system.

2. Your backflow preventer’s test cocks and ball valves should be turned at a 45-degree angle.

3. The water pressure inside the pipes can be released by opening each valve.

4. Purge your sprinkler system. Professionals from Water Works Unlimited Inc. remove all water from the system and your sprinkler valves using a proper technique. All the sprinkler’s parts should be dried out.

5. Make sure that the controller is in the “off” position.

Although these steps may look easy, they are not. A simple mistake can break your irrigation system and cost you more money to fix it. So, hire Water Works Unlimited Inc. for flawless lawn sprinkler winterization.

Why Hire a Pro?

While it is possible to winterize lawn sprinklers on your own, there are several reasons why hiring an irrigation specialist is recommended for getting professional irrigation services. A crucial step in winterization is a thorough understanding of your unique sprinkler system, including how each irrigation zone is laid out. Having a trained eye to review the procedure is beneficial if you don’t have a deep understanding of your system.

When it comes to professional winterization of your sprinkler system, the Water Works Unlimited Inc. team will first evaluate your existing system. This involves thoroughly checking the sprinkler lines for leaks and other problems. We’ll make sure your main water is turned off after this. Later on, we will clean out your irrigation system.

During the assessment, our team will identify the sort of irrigation system you have and either manually or automatically drain the water. We will examine all valves and filters and compile a winterization report. Once the system is clean and the water is fully cleansed, the process is finished.

If you DIY the winterization process, you might miss important parts of the inspection process, which can lead to costly damage. To avoid incurring additional expenses in the future, you might as well just hire a professional.

Sprinkler Winterization Protects the Whole Irrigation System

Your main valve is one of the parts that needs to be kept safe during winter. Right behind it, water is pooling. Part of it is presumably in a short pipe section outside. Secure this with a zip-tie in insulating foam, then cover the entire valve with a plastic bag. This will lessen the likelihood that it may freeze during the cold winter months.

If your system has a detachable pump, it’s also advisable to unplug it and store it indoors throughout the winter. The pump could be in a pit underground, concealed by a cover. Cover the fully integrated pump with a plastic bag or an insulating blanket if one is present.

Part of winterizing your system is turning off the control panel. Alternatively, if your system has a winter or shut-down mode, you can simply switch it to that position. You can even totally cut off the power source. If you’re unsure, check the user manual for your control panel.

These steps are easy to miss and if that happens, it can cause expensive damage to your irrigation system. Therefore, seek help from the pros like us here at Water Works Unlimited Inc. to make sure that everything is done perfectly.

Trust Water Works to Winterize and Keep Your Irrigation System Safe!

Most sprinkler system owners rely on professionals like Water Works Unlimited Inc. to winterize their irrigation systems effectively. Sprinkler system winterization is a low-cost preventative maintenance task that minimizes the possibility of expensive damage if you decide to DIY it. Our team can winterize all types of sprinkler systems, and we can ensure that all water is removed to prevent harm from water freezing.

Let’s winterize your system before the snow and frigid weather arrives! Call Water Works Unlimited Inc. in Raleigh, North Carolina, at (919) 570-7808 today to protect your irrigation system and keep it in top shape.

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